BLACK Skull Candle
BLACK Skull Candle
BLACK Skull Candle
BLACK Skull Candle
BLACK Skull Candle
BLACK Skull Candle

BLACK Skull Candle

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These black skull shaped Halloween candle will get you in the spooky mood!

Skull candles make for spooktacular photography!

when we make new molds- they are smaller and expand over time!

Black is a strong and banishing color. Black candles absorb all colors and is often used to absorb or banish negative energy. It reverses curses and hexes. It is used for protection. banishing. repelling black magick. and ridding of bad habits. It enhances inner strength. resilience. and self-control. and can be used in meditation to delve deeper into the unconscious. It is also burned for powerful healing and support through loss and grief.

"TO BURN OR NOT TO BURN THAT IS THE QUESTION" Is it really?! We think these are too awesome to burn!


This is for a Black Skull Candle
Check out our other listings for more colors!

If you can bring yourself to actually burn- Always burn your candles on a heat safe plate or other surface to collect wax drips and don't burn your darn house down!

Using your skull candle: NEVER hold the skull by the wick. Trim wick 1/8 of an inch before each burn to promote a steady flame. Keep wax pool free from trimmings. matches & debris. The skull candle. unlike the soy candles we sell WILL have a larger flame. so please be aware of where you are lighting.
NEVER burn this skull candle more than 1 HOUR at a time! I know. I know our skull candles look so cool lit up. but the flame will get too high. & excess wax can cause a mess! Use your best judgement. & considering you bought candles from us we know you are one smart cookie!
Keep candles AWAY from flammable items. loose clothing. children. babies & fur babies. Candles are romantic. but never fall asleep under the glow of candlelight.